How Tormenting it is to Live with a Snoring Partner?

Ask a sufferer like me! I wouldn’t say my husband is a loud snorer, rather he has championed it. Not only he, all my in-laws snore loudly, liberating those odd screeching sounds during night. For about a fortnight, I couldn’t sleep peacefully. Every now and then heavy snoring sounds would awaken me.

It was a few days back, when I lost my patience and decided to speak to my husband. But how can I? What if he feels bad about it?


Beating the confusion, I asked him (my voice was just like a three year old child who is seeking forgiveness from his mom for spilling her favorite nail colors). But guess what, he replied with a ridiculous smile! “What’s in snoring? Are you complaining about my snoring? Who doesn’t snore?” this was the prompt reply I received, which was too much for me to digest. “But, it hampers my sleep” I don’t know when I blurted out all these.

This time my husband got serious. He had never seen me, so angry before. So together, we sat down talked a while and slowly he tried to understand my point. I suggested him to visit a doctor. “Doctor! What if he says for a surgery? I don’t want to come under knives.”

It was then I was suggested by one of my buddies to try anti snoring solutions, readily available in the market. Though it seemed like an illusion, but still I made a brief search. I came through a number of anti snoring product manufacturing companies. What seemed illusion to me is completely real! Snoring remedy had been deciphered since a long time back and I was completely ignorant about it.

Snoring Aids Pro, Snore Stop and Asonor were some of the stores, I contacted personally. While I bought a mouthpiece from Snoring Aids Pro, I ordered anti snoring nasal drops from Asonor. And now I enjoy a happy sleep.

Here’s a bit of information for all the readers. Many times I have seen people bullying and passing harsh comments on snorers, even if they are family members. Here’s a small request to you all, instead of making their fun early morning itself, try giving them anti snoring solutions. These three sources are very reliable and also have proven record, however, if you wish you can also make your own research.


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