What are The Different Types Of Anti Snoring Devices Available?

One who has it and the one who sleeps beside know well the adversities of snoring! And the world is currently comprised of these two categories of people, so if you are reading this, follow till the end; because irrespective of which category you belong to, the information provided here will be of great help to you.


Medical science has leaped steps further in bringing out anti-snoring devices. Numbers of snorers is also increasing day by day. And consequently other complicacies like sleeplessness, cardiac arrest, etc are also becoming more prominent. Though initially it seems harmless, but gradually it begins showing it harmful side effects and by the time these effects become prominent, it will be too late. Hence it is required to treat snoring right from the beginning. Snorers won’t know it, but in case you find your partner snoring during sleep, rush to the market and buy any of these following anti snoring device:

  • Anti snoring solution: yes, you are guessing it right. These are available in solution and all you need to do is drop the prescribed amount in your nose before sleeping. Solutions are also available in sprays for nose and mouth.


  • Nasal strips: These are put in the nostrils and keep them in shape so that air inhalation and exhalation becomes easy. These are usually made up of soft plastic and do not cause irritations in the nose. In case of normal people, nostrils do not close down during breathing, but the case is opposite for snorers. After continuous breathing, the nostrils close down and cling to one another, thus making it uncomfortable for them to breathe and since they are in an unconscious state, air automatically finds the way through mouth. Using this nasal strips, will keep the nostrils in balance and will make an unobstructed passage for the air to flow in and out.


  • Pillows and cushions for snorers: It is an important doctor suggestion that sleeping on the back causes snoring. Hence it is advisable to sleep on stomach or else lie sideways. Due to flat sleeping, the muscles of the face relax, thus allowing the mouth open. Anti snoring pillows and cushions are available which allows the person to sleep on side. It also reduces the risk of spondylitis (pain of neck and collar region).


  • Nasal cones: It has the same function as the nasal strips. However, these are much better than the strips. The cones are designed to suit the nose and guarantee a complete relief from snoring.

nasal cones

These are the three important types of anti snoring devices available in the market. You can easily find them from any medicine store; however before purchasing them, you should know a few things about them.

  • You can also buy them online. But make sure the company from which you are purchasing is a reputed one. Study the credentials of the company thoroughly and then settle for a deal.
  • Some doctors claim that surgery is the guaranteed treatment option for heavy snorers. Do not go for it. Surgery can even make things complicate. Till date there hasn’t been an established proof of surgical treatment for snoring.

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How to Treat Sleep Apnea in Children?

Sleep apnea is a major sleeping disorder which becomes even worst while affecting children. This is usually characterized by breaks or pauses in breathing, particularly during sleeping. Each pause or shallow breathe is called as apnea, hence the name sleep apnea. Initially the patient gets breathing discomforts during sleep, but gradually when the disease becomes acute it affects the normal activity also. People with this disease are often deep snorers.

ImageChildren suffering from sleep apnea are very difficult to handle especially during the sleeping hours. There are a number of apnea treatment methods available nowadays, but it is required to recognize the symptoms quite early. The negative effect of this breathing complicity can be reduced to a great extent, when treated at an early stage. What are the various symptoms of sleep apnea in children?


  • Loud gasping breathes, similar to those after a running race!
  • Choking noises during sleep as if there’s any blockage in the nasal pathway
  • Bed wetting, nightmares, sleep walking, bad dreams
  • Sleeping with mouth wide open
  • Morning headache causing hyperactive behavior
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Drowsiness throughout the day

There are number of treatments available for this disease, which is stated below, in order of their effectiveness:

  • Natural treatment: This includes weight loss, homeopathy medications, aroma treatment, etc. These methods can be every effective if started at a very early stage of the disease. But since this disease is always diagnosed at a later stage, hence it is futile to use any of these methods. Hence, only if you have diagnosed it at an early stage, then only go for these treatment options, else you can switch over to the other medical treatments available.
  • Medicinal treatment: Taking the growing cases of snoring and apnea into consideration, a number of anti snoring kits are available in the market. You can opt for any of these. You can get a mask, which pushes the air inside the nasal tract and keeps it open throughout the sleep. You can opt for oral pills and drops which will help in opening the blocked nasal passages.

Apart from there are some common things, which if taken care, can avoid sleep apnea in children to a greater extent:

  • Do not sleep on the back
  • Keep the head elevated, at least few inches will be fine
  • Avoid medicines or syrups with alcoholic content
  • Discontinue the medication which you find is responsible for the disease. Ask the doctor for an alternative.

Do you Want to Get Rid of Snores? Here are Some Good Tips for You

How can you know that your snore has started bothering you? Those who snore hard during night feel drowsy throughout the day and lose their concentration in doing their daily work. Moreover you can understand that snore has already become a major concern for you, when your partner starts complaining about it. So, if your partner is scared to sleep with you in the same room, then it’s time to cure the snore.

Before going to curing snores, let’s have a brief discussion on what are the main reasons causing snores. Snoring never happens overnight. It is a very slow process and there are many reasons for it. For example, if currently your snores are intense, then it is for sure that the disorder has been growing in you, since few years. Among many reasons that are responsible for snoring, the most prominent ones are sleep deprivation, fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunctions, heart complicacies and psychological issues. The main biological reason for snoring is the inflammation of the trachea which narrows down the airways. This swelling can be caused by cold, allergy, growth of fat tissues around the neck region and obstruction in the nasal way due to mucus.

Next, coming to various anti-snoring tips:

Natural treatment:

  • Keep your head elevated while sleeping. Use 1-2 pillows for keeping the head elevated. Do not use soft pillows; harder ones will serve the purpose better. If you are snoring intensely, change your way of sleeping. Make a habit of sleeping on your sides, instead of sleep on back.
  • Do not eat full stomach before leaving for bed. This can restrict the air passage ways and cause snoring. Also avoid eating dairy products like cakes, chocolates, etc. It is because these products build up mucus in the nasal path causing snoring.
  • Lose your weight! It has been seen that majority of the snorers are overweight. Hence weight can also be a contributing factor in snoring.

Medical treatment:

Opt for anti snoring treatment. Taking the growing cases of snoring, medical experts have come up with anti-snoring treatments. These treatment procedures help in reducing the intensity of snoring and gradually cure it completely. Anti-snoring kits are available as mouth pieces and nasal sprays.

Taking the growing concern among snorers into consideration, many sources claim that surgery is the best option for curing snoring. This is a very wrong concept! Do not go under knives for getting relieved from snoring. Rather opt for natural treatment procedure mentioned above; else go for sprays and mouthpieces.